Selasa, 09 Oktober 2012

Psychobilly paddle board

Psychobilly paddle board.. i never dream making stuff like this
but this is really happen!
check em out here
and their websites

Thanks to Mr Fabian

Sabtu, 22 September 2012

Psychobilly artwork for sale september 2012

50 American bucks each, only for a price of couple shirt
AI, TIFF, or PNG file formatted
too expensive? Hire me! 500 bucks for 20 designs every month! 

mail me if you interested :

Kamis, 13 September 2012

Bandung Greaser Gathering part II

2nd Psychobilly & Rockabilly gigs in Bandung, Indonesia

Watch the demented performance of
1. kreta susasana (featuring Horror Rudey (its me, fool!) )
2.joker hangover
3.the eastigers
4.the alpacino's (jkt)
5.gorilla trampolline
7.syndrome mafia
8.billy and cash revenge
9.wingfold (jkt) bandidas

Jumat, 10 Agustus 2012

Cenobites Psychonesian Tour

From 20 October to 27 October
CENOBITES is going to tour around Indonesia!
Jakarta, Bandung, Jogjakarta, Bali

Cenobites is the first psychobilly band who make tour in Indonesia
check em out more in their websites

Rabu, 09 Mei 2012

Horror Rudey Psychobilly & Horror Punk Clothing Catalog May 2012

Horror Rudey presents..
May 2012 Catalog!!

I make those fashion stuff for my own use, but i sell em too so i can share my art with people who love Horror Punk, Psychobilly & my art in clothes form!

I hate when see cool stuff but i cant buy em because the price is dont fit my purse, so i try to make the best quality but with very reasonable price (quite insane price for sure) 

25 $ for a tracksuit or full print backpack? 10 $ for a glow in the dark or full color shirt?
less then a half of normal price! 

If you wanna help Horror Rudey keep running, you can "like" my Facebook Page or buy my stuff or find someone who need my art or find some store who willing to buy my stuff in bulk for their shop! that will be a HUGE help!

enough of being polite, lets get rough!


only idiot who miss this shit! Horror Rudey's stuff soon will be hard to find because the production is totally limited & this cheap stuff wont last forever!

Do not hesitate if you want my stuff for yer shop, just ask me!
You get some discount if buying 12 of each article

If you wanna buy em, i just accept REAL MONEY!! send em by western union..
Let me know what shipping company you wanna use

Any question or wanna buy stuff or wanna ask some design just mail me

Email :

Snail mail :
Name : Edo Kautsar Maruf
Address : Softball Street number 5 Arcamanik
City : Bandung
Province : West Java
Postal Code : 40293
Country : Indonesia

Phone :
(+62) 08987000284

Sabtu, 21 April 2012

Default Theme of Psychobilly Art

Psychobilly is a culture of Horror & Freedom, every band have their own very very personal taste its hard for me to classified psychobilly music because of their insanity of variety! Based on the music, i made the art with lot of variety too, combining every art form of psychobilly. I dont have persistent style because i always trying something new by those art combination. So here i am now, direct-less Horror artist!

Psychobilly Art have so many form & style. Some of those style are Lowbrow, B-movies posters, Horror, Vintage, Gothic, Cartoon, Comic & Classic stuff.

For the object is very very simple, do any art style with Psychobilly dude or chicks on em will do a psychobilly art.. Whatever your style, put some Classic Rock n Roll Horror Punker on yer stuff and you have a Psycho art! DONT FORGET TO PUT HORROR ELEMENT ON EVERY PSYCHOBILLY STUFF!!! THAT HORROR STUFF IS WHAT MAKE US UNITED!!

For Example, i do some psychobilly art with Gothic Surreal Cartoon Lowbrow with Horror Rudey as the model..

1) Horror Rudey in skull form in the middle of sprinkle slime
This remind me of 80's Horror Movies when the CG have been found, and we found em VERY SUCKS!! But that is so damn cool & weird! 

2) Horror Rudey in Evil & Apple in the middle of dead forest
Im picking Rudey as evil snake on Adam & Eve story to get the vintage feel. It called Victorian Lowbrow. i used Victorian Lowbrow art theme for the story but the style is still mine.

3) Horror Rudey in Prince of Darkness in the breaking dawn
Psychobilly fiend, bat, dark, moon.. Enough to say


4) Horror Rudey in Giant Robot Invader From Outer Space
Giant robot & alien is classified as B-Movies theme, put em together and put psychobilly dude on em (again) Voila... Psychobilly B-movie art

5) Horror Rudey in Draculla behind the curtain
Draculla & another bloodsucking fella is every Horror Punkers & Psychobilly idol, hiding behind the curtain waiting for some fresh blood. with pale color, it shows the Classic feel of this drawing

6) Horror Rudey in Insane Monster Zombie
Evil scientification, satanic black magic & human experiment always end up in failure! Not just an ordinary Lab Explosion, but creating MONSTER!! combining Frankenstein, Zombie & Psycho on a artificial human being

7) Horror Rudey in Spider Horse Oni
Japaneese monster does its count? where ever it comes, Evil is always an Evil! and it have Psychobilly hair on it, so its count!

There is no "Wrong" psychobilly art as long as you stick to the Horror & Psychobilly people on every art!

One of many way to be the best is to be the only one.
Two way to be the only one is KILL THE OTHER!!
or making something new

Selasa, 17 April 2012

Zombified Illustration

You look good when you are alive?
Yes? No?

How bout your look when you are un-alive?
You dont know?

Dont worry, Me & Horror Rudey can help you with that question..

you will have "Zombified Illustration"
a combination between illustration, art & insanity!

Great quality super size image, it could use for anything!

Another sample of Zombified Illustration

Sabtu, 14 April 2012

Complete Best Alien & Predator Fan Art by Horror Rudey

Fox Movies Predator & Alien
All art is made by Horror Rudey, which is ME!
Every art is made to only pleased me!
If you wanna use my art, please just ask me
If you wanna steal my art, please just DIE

1 Alien escaped from predator mouth
 2 Predator Head #1
3 Rudeysh Predator
4 Skull Chasing Predator
5 Alien Kill an old man 
6 Skinned Predator
7 Predator Fink
8 Alien versus Predator vs Psychobilly Yakuza
9 Predator Skull as trophy
10 Fat Predator
11 Alien infested shark
12 Laughing predator animation
13 Vandalised Alien
14 Predator on Halloween
15 Alien in Mafia outfit
16 Gambling Predator
17 Red Predator (XenoPredDragon)
18 Predator on other Halloween

BONUS!! Predator & Alien art by EdoPunkRock